Police appeal for witnesses after a teenager was attacked with a steel rod at a Forestville party

The house where Liam Knight was assaulted on Friday night (Mackenzie Price/The Sydney Newsdesk)

The house where Liam Knight was assaulted on Friday night. (Mackenzie Price/The Sydney Newsdesk)

FORESTVILLE — 17-year-old Liam Knight was celebrating his friends 18th birthday on Friday night when he was brutally assaulted by a group of gatecrashers at a Forestville home.

When the gatecrashes descended on the backyard of the home, a fight ensued that left Mr Knight with a steel rod at over 2.5 meters in length in his head. The bar was cut out by firefighters, but parts were left embedded before being rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Mr Knight is currently in an induced coma with serious head injuries.

The Australian reports that as the party was winding down at its set time of midnight, it is thought that numerous females who were invited to the party, organised for the gatecrashers to come to the Forestville home. The gatecrashers were previously asked to leave via security at the front door of the house, but then climbed the rear fence of the house that backs onto a park.

According to The Daily Telegraph, another assault took place in the area on Friday night. A 16-year-old boy was walking home from the very same party when he was approached by up to 5 men. He was then king hit by one of them. The boy then ran to a local 24-hour gym and waited for police. He was shortly after taken to Royal North Shore Hospital and was discharged on Saturday morning.

When visiting the house on Monday morning, The Sydney Newsdesk observed that the cleanup of the Keldie Street house was still continuing. Bins at the front of the house were overflowing with bottles and a marquee still remained in the backyard from Friday night.

Anyone with information about this event is urged to contact police.